Watch camera is high on the list of spy devices being used to covertly record video and audio footage or pictures of suspected without being noticed that they are spied upon. This camera comes with many attractive features like Voice Recording, Picture Shooting, Audio with Video Recording and PC CamIR-NIGHT-VISION-SPY-CAMERAera function etc. There is a mini camera veiled inside the wrist watch which reduces the human efforts or gives reliable results. One of the best features of spy wrist watch camera is its USB compatibility, you can connect your wrist watch with any device and transfer all the data from your watch memory to your phone, laptop or PC. There is an undetectable spy camera built into a classy looking metal and glass wrist watch for espionage on someone’s secretly. There is a simple one key function to start or stop audio and video recording. This tiny gadget is full of smart apps and enables to work like a secret agent.


  • Long battery backup

  • Memory support up to 4 GB

  • Audio and video recording function

  • USB support

  • Compatible with AVI format

  • Includes 5.0 MP hidden camera

  • Resolution is up to 1280×960 pixels
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