Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Bluetooth is a technology which has taken the wireless communication to the next level. This technology has benefitted the mobile world to a huge extent. It is used for various purposes like file transfer, Trans-receive audio/voice, etc. Utilizing the potent power of Bluetooth technology our engineers have created the Spy Bluetooth earpiece which enables people to perform covert activities while being concealed more securely.

spy_bluetooth_earpiece_in_noidaThis device can be connected to its microphone set which in turn can be connected to your phone hidden in your pocket. This enables a person to have a full fledged telecommunication, while no device can be seen in the vicinity. The tiny size of this device gives the person who is spying an added advantage of being incognito. Due to its size it cannot contain battery; hence it is powered by the complex principles magnetism. This magnetism also helps in the process of removing the small earpiece hidden in your ear canal; the magnet dish which comes with the device attracts the small earpiece and it comes out with the force of magnetic attraction without damaging the ear.

Spy Bluetooth earpiece comes with a microphone that is embedded in various items like Shirt, Inner, Pen, Watch, Spectacles, Cap, Clip, Eraser, Bracelet, Inductive loop, etc. which helps camouflage the device easily. The earpiece can be easily connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth. It fits deep in your ear canal so it is not visible to the surrounding people.

The Spy Bluetooth earpiece is used in almost every area of industry like it can be used by any employee to deliver presentations flawlessly, student to write exam sheet without getting caught, a politician or any important figure to deliver a moving speech without getting tongue tied or by private investigators to spy on a person and transmit his/her each and every movement.

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